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Today, we’re beginning a new series of video wedding tips for couples to utilize during the wedding planning process. We have tapped into our resources of the Boston Wedding Group to find some of the best planning ideas from some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the industry. Today’s tip comes from Lovelyn Jensen from the Dane Estate at Pine Manor College. If you haven’t been to Dane Estate, it’s a 60-acre property that provides an array of spaces to suit any type of wedding. The venue is suitable for beautiful outdoor weddings, as well as indoor weddings that are surrounded by beautiful architectural accents. Her tip is a fabulous one that many people do not think of when creating their invitations and response cards.


This has been a whirlwind of a year in the making, but we are so excited to finally make the transition from JPod Productions to JPod Films. We have always been about visual storytelling and the word ‘films’ has always resonated with us when we thought about our final product. So, it was time to create a new website and accompany it with a new look, and of coarse, a new name. But, even with the new look, we are still driven by the same principles to tell each couple’s story in an a way that brings back the anticipation, excitement, subtleties and energy in each of our Boston wedding films.

As part of this journey, we were helped by so many talented individuals including our designer Molly Fabiano. A few years ago, we were lucky enough to be part of the team that filmed Molly’s wedding and we have just kept in touch over the past few years through facebook. When we looked at rebranding, we searched for a graphic designer that had the female touch that connected with our target demographic. Being a former bride, and after seeing some of Molly’s work, we knew Everyday Mojo was the right fit for us in creating our new logo, business cards and stationary.

Secondly, I turned to a former groom in Corey Condardo, who gave us the guidance and expertise for our new website. Corey gave us the confidence to learn enough of wordpress to begin building our new site. Corey and I had a couple of fun sessions of modifying and tweaking the website. as we laughed throughout the process. In the end, we turned things over to Corey to put the final touches on the new updated

Finally, I have to thanks the female influences who guided our decisions along the way. I counted on several former brides and my assistant filmmaker Mia Major for a lot of guidance, as we wanted a look that was appealing to our target market. But most of all, I must thank my wife Alison, who was a huge decision maker in the re-branding process. As the owner of Alison May Public Relations, she just has a keen eye for design and the current trends of our target market. The last thing I wanted was a logo that I thought was cool, but didn’t connect with our target market. She has been amazing support throughout the process from logo design all the way through to the selection of our final packaging for clients. Love you babe!




Video is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing your business, and many of the great wedding professionals that we work with have started to capitalize on that fact with Identity Films. Identity films are really an ‘about us’ film that lets potential customers know what you exactly do in an engaging fashion. We are creating more and more of these films for not only wedding professionals, but for small businesses around Boston and New England.

Most recently, we had the chance to work on what will be the first of two identity films for Tricia McCormack Photography. Tricia is one of the top wedding photographers in the western half of Massachusetts, as we have been lucky enough to be paired with her on numerous events over the past three years. In addition to photography, she has added a brand new, updated photo booth to her business model in 2015. The photo booth is classic, clean and really adds a fun and exciting element to the weddings we film along side her in the Berkshires.

Last month, we had the opportunity to film Tricia McCormack Photography’s new photo booth on a Friday evening to capture what the experience is all about. The goal of this film was to show the fun, excitement and laughter that this photo booth can create at your event. You could not help, but smile and laugh as the guests continuously filed in and out of the booth with giggles and laughter. The photo booth prints out four-picture sequences for guests to take with them, and then the client gets to see all of the photos after the event. Check out Tricia McCormack’s website HERE, and watch her 90-second Identity film below.