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With a sweet tooth like mine, there will not be a shortage of cake or dessert vendors on this blog. After tasting cakes and desserts of all kinds, when I think of the best, I think of Something Sweet by Michelle.  Owner Michelle Bohigian has made several of my couple’s cakes over the past few years. The first time she made a cake for one of my couples, I never got a chance to sample it. It wasn’t until a tasting event the next year that I finally tasted a piece of Michelle’s heavenly creations. Since then, I haven’t missed dessert on a ‘Something Sweet’ wedding.

Working side by side with Michelle is Lindsey Kisiel who has helped Something Sweet become even more dynamic.  Michelle and Lindsey come highly recommended by several of the top wedding venues in the area (Cranwell Resort, Spa & Golf Club and The Lord Thompson Manor), and she was recently picked as having one of the 50 most beautiful cakes in the America by Brides Magazine. It’s hard to distinguish with Michelle’s cakes if they look better, or taste better. With Something Sweet, you can get the simple cake, or an elegant look and elaborate detail without compromising the taste. Your cake will look great and taste even more amazing!

Michelle makes all of her cakes with fresh ingredients and her list of cake options includes a White Chocolate Cake, French Vanilla Cake, a Coconut Cream Cake and a Winter Spice Cake just to name a few. Based out of Worcester, Michelle designs and bakes cakes for weddings all over New England. Her designs are all original and she takes the time to work with each and every couple individually. Her friendly personality just compliments the equation. In addition to her cakes, Michelle can help with a variety of desserts including tarts, cheesecakes, and petit fours. Check out her award winning cake below and check out her website to learn even more about this elite wedding vendor.

I met May’s Vendor of the Month at the Cranwell Resort, Spa & Golf Club‘s tasting this past winter. Barrington Bites is a mini cupcake boutique in Great Barrington that provides brides and grooms a phenomenal option to customize their wedding plans.

Sherri Gorelick and Wendy Weinberg have been in business for just over a year and their popularity has grown exponentially over that time. Their slogan “Big Flavor, Small Bites” speaks the truth as they take the guilt out of having a sweet snack or dessert. Their mini-sized cupcakes are the perfect addition to your wedding menu or dessert bar. Every flavor that I tried melted in my mouth. At the tasting, I was able to sample a peanut butter cup and a mocha hazelnut mini cupcake and they both delicious.

Barrington Bites collection includes traditional flavors like vanilla and chocolate, but their variety really makes their product stand out. Their selection includes over 40 varieties including pumpkin, caramel apple, gingerbread, toasted coconut and the Elvis (chocolate banana cupcake with a peanut butter buttercream). Sherri and Wendy’s retail space is located at 31 Railroad St. in Great Barrington, and at the time of this writing, is open for limited hours from Thursday through Sunday.