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In week three of our four-part series highlighting the four wedding photographers that have their images featured on our JPod Films website, we are featuring a couple who has supported us tremendously from day one. Dave and Eileen Breveglerei of Breveglerei Photography were the first photographers to really start referring our Boston wedding films. We will never forget where we came from…

Dave and Eileen are the perfect husband and wife team, as Dave is the technical guru who I can geek out with over cameras and road cycling. Eileen brings a punch of personality, as she is so much fun to be around. With that said, she can still round up and reign in the rowdiest of wedding parties as good as anyone.

When we work with Dave and Eileen, we always seem to fuel each other’s creative juices. One great idea will lead to another during the couple’s photo session. We always like to try and outdo each other’s ring shots too. It’s that kind of fun competitiveness that benefits the couple in the end. Check out some of their work below and visit their website HERE.

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Last week, we started a four-part series highlighting the four wedding photographers that have their images featured on our JPod Films website. This week we are highlighting Seth Kaye Photography. We biasedly love Seth, because he is a photographer who is not afraid to snap some behind the scene shots throughout the wedding day. His pictures now represent our best “action” shots of us at work while creating our Boston wedding films.

Although Seth and I became friends more recently, we have known each other for over 20 years, as we went to the same high school. When we started our company over ten years ago, it definitely made it easier having a few friends and acquaintances in the industry. Seth was one of those people.

If you look at Seth’s work, you can tell he definitely looks through the lens a little differently than a lot of photographers. From the technical side, I enjoy watching Seth experiment with different lenses in different situations throughout the day, while still getting the “must-have” shots. For the casual observer, his keen eye means that his photographs have that unique look and variety that many couples desire.

Lastly, you will not meet a more calm and relaxed photographer on the wedding day. That calmness is a great thing to have around when things get hectic. Check out a few of Seth’s images below and check out his website HERE.

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One of the great things about the wedding industry is that there are truly a lot of great people who give everything they have for the couples who hire them. When we rebuilt our website last year, we turned to a few of our friends in the industry to help with feedback as our new website developed.

We also were fortunate enough to build relationships with photographers who actually provided some visual content for a few of our JPod Films webpages. I will always preach that you should have a wedding film, but I will also tell you that our Boston wedding films compliment the pictures that you will receive from your chosen photographer. When we built our site, I wanted to support those who supported us. Therefore, we are going to feature each of the four photographers who have wedding photos highlighted on our website one by one. We are going to start with Massart Photography.

We met Audrey and Seth from Massart Photography at Skye and Corey’s wedding in Boston. In our pre-wedding phone conversation with Audrey and Seth, we had an instant connection. The conversation was simply about what was most important to each of us throughout the day. Once the wedding day began, we just fueled off each other with ideas from the bridal suite to the photo session. When we work with photographers like Audrey and Seth, our wedding films always flourish.

Massart Photography is based in Rhode Island, but Audrey and Seth work are often found in Boston and elsewhere in Massachusetts filming weddings, newborn sessions and more. As an artist, I love that they are not afraid to play with light sources and utilize lighting in new and different ways. They really like to take advantage of natural light too, which is something we love as filmmakers. It’s this type of creativity that brings out some of the best images. To check out more of their site, visit their website HERE. Listed below are a few of our favorite images of theirs from the website, as well as Skye and Corey’s wedding.



At JPod Productions, we’ve had the opportunity to team up with several of Massachusetts’ top vendors on a variety of projects recently. One of those projects had us filming some testimonials for Dani Fine Photography of Northampton. Dani’s studio is considered one of the top studios in the western part of the state (Western Mass.) and that has her photography teams shooting at many of the top venues in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Northampton wedding Photographer Testimonial

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Dani and her staff on multiple projects now and they definitely provide their clients with top notch images. Whether it’s wedding photography, corporate head shots, or baby bump and family photography, Dani’s team has the ability to photograph it all. The Dani Fine Staff has also been a large proponent of boudoir photography, which has been one of the most popular gifts for brides to give their husband-to-be on the wedding day. I could write all day, but the better way to find out what Dani Fine Photography is all about is to watch their testimonial video…

I have always said that the deepest field of quality vendors belongs to the category of photography. Last month we crossed paths with another one of those quality vendors in Cronin Hill Photography and they are September’s Vendor of the Month.

Cronin Hill Photography is built around the dynamic husband and wife team of Paula and Rick Labrecque. Even though they are based in Hatfield, Massachusetts, the Lebreques are commonly found traveling up I-91 covering Vermont Weddings. We met the pair at the Killington Resort in Killington, Vermont for the wedding of Amy and Justin. When the photographer and cinematographer work together as a team on the wedding day, great things happen for the bride and groom.  And, that is exactly what happened in Killington. After a brief mid-week conversation, Paula and I took five minutes at the start of the bride prep to talk about our plans, needs and desires for the day. It made everything throughout the day flow smoothly.

In addition to the communication factor, Paula and Rick brought creativity, organization and a genuine caring attitude to the table. The creative session brought out some great images as they let the couple be who they are around a covered bridge, their first meeting point, and several other shooting locations. Secondly, we were shooting at multiple locations with a decent sized bridal party and family, but the schedule never fell off track throughout the day. That’s organization at its best! Finally, as we do, you could tell that Cronin Hill was invested in their couple, as they knew their background, personality and desires for the day. I posted a one picture from the wedding day below. If you like what you see, click on this link to more from the wedding day. We look forward to be working on the same team as Cronin Hill Photography again real soon.

I have been blessed to cross paths with some tremendous photography talent over the past six months. Right at the top of my list is Kristin Spencer Photography out of Newport, RI and they are my vendor of the month for July.

Kristin Spencer Photography is made up of the husband and wife team of Jared and Kristin Spencer. I met up with the talented duo just a few weeks ago while filming a wedding at the State Room in Boston. One of the things I appreciate the most about Kristin is that fact that she communicates well. The day went seamlessly, as we worked together to get all the necessary shots to make each of our respective products as great as they could be for our bride and groom. From the first look at the InterContinental in Boston, to the photo shoot at the Boston Public Gardens, to the ceremony and reception at the State Room, the night could not have gone more seamlessly.

And, that is the side of Kristin and Jared you don’t get to see on their website. What you do get to see is then unbelievable work. The words that come to mind when I see their photography is clean, elegant, well-composed, fun, stylish, and filled with personality (<– I like that ). On their website, Kristin Spencer Photography is described as: edgy-chic, elegant, observant & spontaneous imagery captured as your unique signature of style and personality. Their work speaks for itself. Therefore, whether your in Newport RI, Boston or the New York City, keep Kristin and Jared on the top of your vendor list when searching for a wedding photographer.

I used to wait until I worked with a vendor a few times before recommending them as a vendor of the month, but after working with Daria and Andy Bishop, it was clear that they needed to be highlighted sooner rather than later. Therefore, after spending one Sunday in August with Daria Bishop Photography, they get the nod as being not only one of the top photographers in New England, but January’s Vendor of the Month.

Why do they get the nod? The motto of their Vermont-based website says it all  – “Fresh, Fun & Distinctive Wedding Photography”. The husband and wife team of Daria and Andy Bishop bring a fresh, easy-going personality to the wedding day and their couples reflect that personality. I think that was one of the main reasons we worked so well together – we attract similar couples.

On a hectic day (Hurricane Irene), they remained calm, flexible and creative. It was fun to share ideas which only enhanced both the pictures and the film. The fluidness of our day made it fell like we worked with Daria and Andy on a regular basis. On the technical side, Daria and Andy’s eye for details is impeccable, while their use of natural light is something that I truly appreciate. As we travel around New England in the coming years, I hope we have more weddings in Northern Vermont, or anywhere with Daria Bishop Photography. To see the photo slide show of the wedding at Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, Vermont click here.

Wedding photography is a vendor category that brides and grooms get to choose from a plethora of talented professionals. So, to stand out in the photography world is not an easy task. But, August’s Vendor of the Month is one that stands clear from the field. Robert Charles Photography of East Longmeadow has established itself as an elite wedding photography company not only in Massachusetts, but across New England.

Ed and Bob are the owners, but it is Bob and Leah who are the lead shooters that make the wedding magic happen. I’ve have the chance to team with each of them on numerous occasions over the past year and a half.  I am always excited to here that Bob or Leah is shooting a potential wedding clients pictures, because I know that the day will be easy and fun. Recently, we had Stacy Palozie infectious smile with Christopher Smith’s relaxed personality for a wedding up at the Log Cabin with a spectacular sunset. We also had Laura McLean and Dave DeCandio with their fancy Rolls Royce in front of the Cranwell Resort Spa & Golf Club. I can tell you that our wedding films are always enhanced when we shoot side by side with Bob or Leah.

So why Robert Charles Photography for your wedding? Well, their work speaks for itself. Unbelievable images that always capture the emotion and essence of your day. What you don’t see in the photographs is the way Bob and his staff go about obtaining the photos. They are invisible! You barely ever see them during the ceremony and they’re just as discreet during the reception. Lastly, Bob has the most calming influence on the bride and everyone around her. I have never been at a wedding with Bob where the wedding party seemed stressed. Phenomenal pictures, an extremely unobtrusive approach and a calming personality. Those are three qualities that you will not find all together from one vendor very often, but Robert Charles Photography offers them each and every time.

Click on any photo to see a full-size version of the picture.