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Questions about our Boston Wedding Films

How Much Does a Wedding Film Cost?

It is often one of the first questions we receive from an inquiring couple. It never ceases to amaze me that in the search for a wedding filmmaker, decisions are often made based on price rather than quality or reputation. At the end of one of the most important days of your entire life, you will be left with two memories – wedding photos and a wedding film. At JPod Films, we encourage couples to invest properly in these two areas and we find that couples that are just looking for the best price are not always the best fit for us.

We invest time and energy into every couple who chooses to work with us, as we want to know who you are, how you met, and why the two of you are such a great match. When we spend the time to get to know each other, your wedding video turns into a personal and priceless wedding film. Our Boston wedding films start at $4200.

What is the Difference Between the Highlight Film, Short Film and Feature Film?

No matter which of our Boston wedding films that you decide on, the principle remains the same. You will receive an artistically-designed, well-thought-out film that tells your story using the best audio and visual elements of the wedding day, and edited purposely to a soundtrack that matches your personalities and the mood of your event.

The major difference that everyone notices between the films are their length. The highlight film runs about 3-5 minutes, the short film runs from 7-10 minutes in length and the feature film is 12-15 minutes long. The highlight film is a shorter, overall look at your wedding day with the best pieces of audio used to tell your story, and the film heavily revolves around the couple. In the short film, the storytelling element becomes more enhanced, as this multiple-song film gives us the ability to utilize all of the best speeches, vows and natural sounds from the day. You’ll also see a little more footage from each section of the wedding day, as well as an increased presence of your family and friends within the event. The feature film is simply, a complete film. It’s designed to give you a roller coaster ride of romantic and energetic moments from throughout the day that will leave you with both joyful tears and exciting goosebumps. Utilizing even more of the audio elements of the day (readings, more of the speeches) help to paint a comprehensive story, while the interaction of you, the couple, your family and your friends is completely enhanced.

Do I Need a Photographer and a Cinematographer?

Yes, you should hire both a photographer and a cinematographer. They will provide your two best memories of the wedding day that can be cherished for generations to come. A wedding film isn’t meant to replace photography, but to complement it. While photography captures one selected moment in time, wedding cinematography moves far beyond this, capturing more than just freeze frames of your wedding day, but entire moments and interactions that revive your senses, feelings, and emotions from the wedding day. Our Boston wedding films are designed to tell your story in a way that allows you to not only watch your day again, but feel it again too.

Who Selects the Music for the Wedding Films?

Within the editing process, your editor will select the music for your film, but you, the couple, heavily influence the music choices. In our final meeting before the wedding, one of the items that we will discuss is music. We want to know what you like, from artists to genres, as well as any songs that struck you on our website or blog. By getting to know you as a couple, we combine your musical tastes and the feel from your wedding day to pick the appropriate, licensable music to build the perfect soundtrack for your film. We take a good amount of time selecting the “right” soundtrack for our Boston wedding films, and as we believe this process is crucial in pulling the right emotions out of each part of your wedding day

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Do you Travel and Film Destination Weddings?

Absolutely. We love to be inspired by destination weddings and feel that we often do some of our best work when we are filming in new locations. Although many of our destination weddings are located on the New England islands of Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Block Island, we are available to film in destinations nationwide and beyond. We are also fortunate to have access to family-owned property on Cape Cod, so we often find ourselves covering single and multi-day events from Harwich Port to Chatham, and Brewster to Provincetown without having to charge extensive travel or lodging fees. We’ll provide a custom package for your wedding based on the location and details of your event.

How Do We Reserve JPod Films for Our Wedding?

Once you have chosen JPod Films to capture your wedding day, a $1000.00 retainer fee is required in addition to a signed copy of our services contract. The remaining balance of your Boston wedding film is due one week before the wedding. Cash or check is the preferred method of payment, but we gladly accept credit cards.

How Long Does it Take to Get our Wedding Film?

Every one of our Boston wedding films is different, as each wedding has a life of its own. We are passionate about delivering a unique finished product that will be personal to each and every couple, while still having it become a timeless memory. So, the honest answer is that it varies throughout the year. Our target time has always been to deliver within six months of the event. With that being said, weddings earlier in the year are often finished on a 1-3 month timeline, while films later in the year will take longer. The one thing you will always get from us is honesty.

In addition to our traditional investments, we offer a few options that provide a quicker glimpse of your day without slowing down the overall editing process. The first is the same-day edit, which is where we create a highlight film for you on the day of your wedding and show it to you and your guests during the reception on a projector and giant screen. Our most popular JPod Films add-on is the wedding trailer film (90-120 seconds), which is delivered within two weeks of the wedding. And finally, a highlight film, that is edited within 30-days, can be added to our short film and feature film investments.