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Wedding and marketing expert Alan Berg, who used to work for the Knot, has “posted” his support for wedding videos in his blog post: Let’s Watch our first dance… oh, that’s right, we can’t: Hiring a videographer is more important than you think. Alan was has experienced both sides of wedding day memories. He recently came across his parents wedding video on 8mm movie reels. It was a trip down memory lane that he truly enjoyed. On the flip side, Alan only hired a photographer on his wedding day. He now regrets not being able to watch,, or share with his two sons, his own vows from 29 years ago. Beyond the fundamental memories that a cinematographer will capture, today’s wedding film is so much more and becoming an essential part of the wedding budget. I quote Alan Berg when he says, “I’ve been in wedding media for over 20 years and one of a couple’s biggest regrets after their wedding is not having a video.”