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We haven’t posted any clips from our family films in a while so here’s a new one. In our most recent Family Film, it was a destination film of sorts as we captured precious little Trinity in her Florida home this past spring. This little peanut, who turns two this summer, played with her Mom and Dad around the pool and gobbled up some lunch during our visit. This is just a short video clip from the full family film of Trinity and her family, but it captures her at an age where she is really beginning to express herself – they can here that little voice, see those little fingers and toes, and watch that smile over and over again. Contact us to book your family film today…


This is the week of the Family Film. When creating these family videos, our goal is capture families in their element. Doing what they do on a regular basis. For the Smiths, they are a sports-minded family and it was important to capture their children Summer and Colin on the field and in the pool.

Within the Family Film, it is our goal to hear the children speak, play, and be the kids that they are. In the Smith Film, we spent some time inside their playroom where Colin loves to hang out, and outside in their pool where Summer likes to hibernate. We were also able to capture some softball and baseball action to help round out their film. And to clarify, the Smith’s are diehard Red Sox fans, but Colin had some good fun teasing his Dad in Family Film. Thanks to Songfreedom for giving us a variety of good music to put behind these films.