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We are excited to introduce our new delivery method for wedding films – the flash drive. As technology continues to evolve, we wanted to provide our couples with the best opportunity to see their films for years into the future. All packages will still come with 3 DVDs, but couples will now have the option to upgrade to receive their wedding films on a flash drive as well.

What are the advantages of flash drive media? Well, it is the future of visual media. Just like CDs have turned into mp3 files, DVDs and blue-rays are being replaced with digital video files. The number one advantage is that the files are converted in full high definition format for a better and clearer picture quality. Secondly, newlyweds will be able to copy their wedding films as many times as they want for multiple family members and friends, while also duplicating it for safe keeping. Thirdly, you can transfer the wedding films onto your iphone or ipad, and carry them around with you wherever you go. Finally, video files will allow for easier conversions in the future, if something else “better” comes along.