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JPod Productions was honored as one of the top filmmaking companies in New England for the third straight at the annual New England Professional Videographer’s Association’s (NPVA) VISTA awards last night in Dedham, MA. Our short Film, Jennifer + Michael’s Love Story was given the Silver Award in the “other” category. This Boston wedding video captures the story of how Jennifer Singer and Michael Marcus’ paths crossed and the journey that brought them to their wedding day. We premiered their film at their wedding reception just a few months ago. The reaction from that night was rewarding and electric and very similar to the response we get when we show a same day edit film.

Boston Award Winning wedding video

We were also honored and very humbled as one of the other winners, Elena Coyne, thanked JPod Productions Owner Jamie Podworski for inspiring her with a presentation he did in January at the NPVA on creating wedding trailers. Elena said she used the knowledge and inspiration from that night to edit one of her weddings before the VISTA deadline, which was only three days away at that time. That moment definitely defined why we participate in NPVA group, as filmmakers share knowledge with other filmmakers. It not only makes our Boston wedding videos better, but it makes our industry so much stronger as a whole.  

The VISTA awards are a New England-based competition run by the New England Professional Videographer’s Association (NPVA). The NPVA is an organization of not only Boston wedding videographers and corporate producers, but also companies across New England who meet once a month to learn from regional and national speakers who specialize in the film making industry. Awards in the VISTA competition are presented in four categories including “Full Wedding”, “Wedding Highlight”, “Corporate”, and “Other”. The “Other” category is designed for videos that do not fit into the other three categories of the competition.

In the world of wedding films, it is not legal to purchase music from Itunes and use it in a wedding film to post online. As I use the art of the wedding video to make a living, I have a lot of respect for musicians who are doing the same with their form of art. Without music, our world would move a step or two slower. Therefore, in 2012, JPod Productions is signing on with Songfreedom to bring our couples and business clients the best variety of music available for the cinematic films while supporting the musicians who are helping our industry thrive.

The reason I love SongFreedom is because of their selection – they feature a lot of popular music, such as Train, Rob Thomas, One Republic, Colbie Caillait, and many more!  The song selection is great, and this new music is going to add a whole new element to our feature films and wedding highlight films.