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There are so many reasons why filming your wedding day has grown in popularity in the past decade. I think the most important reason is to capture the most important people in your life with you, the couple, on one of the most important days of your life. Having a documented memory of those special people talking, moving, dancing, and interacting is a precious thing in itself. But, with COVD-19 drastically changing the landscape of the 2020 wedding year, including those people in the wedding day has become more difficult for couples. With many couples choosing to have smaller weddings in 2020 and postponing their big event until 2021, there is still a desire to include their original guest list on the original wedding day. One of the ways we have been doing that is with the Same Day Edit.

Although live-streaming an event is still an option, we are finding that many couples would rather capture their smaller wedding in the traditional manner and allowing us filmmakers to create a more creative final product immediately for them. Why is this an advantage?

First of all, the couples are still getting a final, creative product on the same day as the actual wedding. There is no waiting around for the complete edit, which can take weeks or months based on how backlogged the company has become during the year. That delivery time is based on the number of weddings filmed that year, as well as how late in the wedding season it is (traditionally, companies can not edit weddings as fast as they film them, so delivery times increase throughout the year). Secondly, a Same Day Edit allows a couple to have their wedding film edited. Therefore, instead of a raw version of their ceremony, snippets of the best parts can be intertwined to bring out the anticipation, emotions, and energy of the wedding day. Finally, that final version of the video culminates a complete wedding day into a shorter 3-4 minute wedding video. That provides a much more watchable length for all guests and non-guests who want to share in the wedding day.

Although these films have become an increasingly popular option in 2020 for smaller weddings, we are still seeing them being booked for our larger events in 2021 for many of the same reasons above. The one thing a larger wedding provides is the live movie experience, which provides energy during the reception that is unmatched! Below is a Same Day Edit that shows the couple and their guests experiencing the film for the first time. The reactions throughout the premiere of this Boston wedding film are priceless.