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Spring is here and that means crunch time for brides as they try and get in the best physical shape possible on their wedding day. Therefore, as Boston Wedding Videographers, we thought we would team up with a local fitness trainer to provide a series of video fitness tips to help our brides and others get ready for their big day.

Our trainer is Ashley Brodeur who is the owner of Active Lifestyle Fitness, LLC. I love Ashley’s approach to fitness as she focuses on Boot Camp and TRX-style classes that truly tone muscles and burn massive calories simultaneously. Add that combination to the right diet of healthy foods and correct eating habits, and brides will have the opportunity to look their best on their wedding day.

JPod Productions and Active Lifestyle Fitness have teamed up for six video fitness tips to be released each Wednesday over the next six weeks. They will be sprinkled between our Boston wedding videos and other blog articles. Up first, Ashley addresses the amount of time that is needed to make noticeable improvements to a bride’s physical appearance. You can’t wait until the last minute!