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In our last post, we talked about ways to improve your Boston wedding video during the wedding planning process. Today, we will share a list that we send to couples with one month to go before the wedding with tips on how to make their wedding film better on the big day itself. These wedding tips are something we review in our final meeting, but they truly translate to improving the overall quality of your final product.

1. The Toasts. Tell your best man/maid of honor to not only talk about you as a person, but also as you both as a couple. Have them share their thoughts on you two finding one another and getting together.

2. Exchange gifts. Plan on adding a special moment to your day by giving each other gifts with a personally-written card. If gifts are not in your budget, then just exchange cards. You can have a bridesmaid/groomsmen deliver it. It’s always fun to see how we can tie this sequence into your film. Plus, you can see their reaction when they open it.

3. Don’t chew gum. We know you’re nervous and feel the need to be busy, but please refrain from the Juicy Fruit. This goes for the wedding party too. Altoids will keep everyone’s breath fresh!

4. Consider your vows. When it comes time to state your vows to each other remember to relax. Take a deep breath and look into each other’s eyes and deliver your words from the heart. Slow down and think about what you are saying.

5. Talk. Have conversations with your family and friends. Chat about how you meet, how the proposal went, what has gone into planning this wedding, etc. Your wedding day is packed full of emotions, let everyone know how you’re feeling.

6. Stay together. It’s not uncommon for the couple to split up once the reception is underway. Brides and grooms drive the dance floor! Your wedding day is finally here, enjoy it together.

7. Natural Light. When your makeup artist comes to your location, set up the table where there is plenty of daylight instead of under artificial lights (tungsten, florescent). Try to avoid basement locations.

8. Turn down the radio/ipod during prep. It’s common for the girls to blast a wedding mix album while doing hair and make-up, but this can easily mask a power piece of dialog that can be used to tell your story. It also creates an awkward background noise when a cinematic soundtrack is applied later.

9. Tell your wedding party & parents that we’re coming. Make sure they understand that we desire that everyone behaves naturally and let them know that they need to try and ignore our presence as much as possible. We want your day to unfold the same whether we are there or not.

10. Allow free time with the cinematographer. When you meet with the photographer for the final time, let them know them we like to control some of the photo session with the bride and groom. Most often, we just work in a few of our ideas throughout the individual time with the bride and groom and everyone benefits. We will also communicate with the photographer before your wedding day.

And that’s it! If you have any other ideas, do not hesitate to comment below. We are always striving to make out Boston wedding videos better!