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We didn’t catch this when it was first posted, but it’s always nice to be respected within the wedding industry. We always strive to work seamlessly with the photography team so that both of us can produce the best products for our couples. It was kind of ironic that two vendors living in the same area from the I-91 corridor had never crossed paths, especially seems we both shoot our fair share of Vermont weddings. Here is Cronin Hill’s quick snippet of their experience with us:

      “We had the pleasure of recently working with the team from JPod Productions.  It wasn’t known until wedding day that we were both from Western Mass, and here we were shooting a wedding together in    Killington, Vermont!  From the moment we met Jamie and Mia, we knew it was going to be a great day!  For us, communication between vendors is so important!  We quickly chatted about how each team worked to achieve the best shots possible for our clients. Having two photographers and two videographers can sometimes be tough because each jockeys for position to get ‘their shot’.  We can honestly say, there was none of that with this team 🙂  We all watched out for each other, got the shots we needed, and had a great time doing it!  We hope to get the chance to work with Jamie and his team again.  We highly recommend contacting JPod Productions for all your videography needs.”

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