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One of the largest trends that has swept through the wedding industry is the use of uplighting in wedding venue spaces. At first, we were only seeing uplighting in our upscale Newport and Boston wedding videos, but now the trend is everywhere. To help breakdown the science of uplighting, I have enlisted Jim Powers of CJC Event Lighting to give an uplighting 101 lesson for this month’s wedding video tip. Jim has been responsible for uplighting several of our Boston wedding films in the past few years.

In part two of our wedding tip, Jim covers the difference between higher end lights used by professionals and less attractive lights used by some other add-on vendors. Jim will also talk about pin spotting which adds some nice white light to a reception room, as well as highlights elegant or important features like tall centerpieces or the wedding cake. I must add, that as a Boston wedding videographer who sees lots of different venues with uplighting, I prompted Jim to talk about the difference between “DJ’ lighting and professional lighting. There are some disc jockeys and other vendors who have good knowledge and equipment to uplight a room or space, but there are many others who see it as a quick way to make an extra buck. Use the information in this tutorial to educate yourself and ask the right questions. My favorite quality about CJC Event Lighting, as well as other top event lighting companies is that they will meet with the bride and groom at their venue before the wedding day to look over options in a live setting.