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As JPod Productions continues to grow as a leading Boston Wedding Videographer, we have expanded our staff in the last year. One of the bright, young faces that have fit right into our storytelling style of wedding films is Mia Major.

Mia came to JPod Productions from Western New England University (WNE). Every spring, I speak in Professor Brenda Garton’s Advanced Television Broadcasting class at WNE. It’s a great opportunity to meet some budding, young professionals as we share our Boston Wedding Videos, corporate projects and previous television broadcasting experience. Two of our part-time workers have come out of Western New England University’s communication and broadcasting program.

Even though Brenda hoped for a career in television for Mia, she came to JPod Productions with her primary interest being wedding cinematography. One of the first things that stuck out to me about Mia was her natural ability to find emotion and utilize music within films to accentuate that emotion. It is a hard quality to teach, but Mia already had the ability to spot emotion right away in our work, as well as in other wedding filmmaker’s work that we collaborate with on a regular basis. Secondly, I love the passion she has towards her wedding films. It’s another quality that you cannot just teach someone.

Mia is now a regular second filmmaker for us when Anne isn’t available, and a third filmmaker on days when we are producing a Same Day Edit wedding film. Mia has also quickly become one of our lead editors as she edits documentary, highlight and feature films on a regular basis. She has been a tremendous asset to our Boston wedding videos and has quickly become a good friend. In her spare time, Mia enjoys trying out new recipes, hiking, and most of all, spending time with her Boston Terrier, Scout.

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We were honored to have multiple opportunities to share our wedding expertise to different audiences in the month of February. First, I traveled to Western New England University to speak in former 22News Anchor Brenda Garton’s Advanced Broadcasting Class. The television broadcasting program at WNEU has been the training ground for two of our shooters and editors – Chris Morgan and Mia Major. It was fun to talk about my ten years in television and how I transferred the skills I learned at WWLP and WFSB into the Boston Wedding Video company, JPod Productions. Many of the storytelling lessons I learned in a decade of television shooting and reporting have translated well to the wedding industry and the students were intrigued to here the similarities.

Later in the month, I was approached by Rule Boston Camera to give a 2-hour presentation called a “Crash Course in Wedding Videography / Cinematography”. The presentation was part of Rule Boston’s weekly educational series called the Learning Lab. In this wedding videography presentation, I joined New England Professional Videographers Association (NPVA) President Bob Accettullo to speak about the fundamentals of shooting a wedding. A healthy crowd of wedding videographers and cinematographers, documentary filmmakers and professional photographers came to here many of the tricks that we use to get through a fast-paced wedding day. Many of the audience participants were curious how we shoot in numerous locations with different lighting situations, what cameras we use, how we collect our sound, how we stay unobtrusive throughout the day, and how we approach the editing process, as we turn our raw footage into Boston wedding videos. Rule Boston Camera tapes their Learning Labs, so for anyone who has an interest in what we do, CLICK HERE.Boston Wedding Videographer Jamie Podworski