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Today starts a new series of blog posts that we will feature a video wedding tip with the hopes of helping brides and grooms plan that perfect day. Today’s video wedding tip is one of the simplest things to do, but yet, very few people know how to do it correctly. I’m talking about pinning a boutonniere on a gentleman’s suit jacket. I have enlisted Heather Sullivan of Durocher’s Florist of West Springfield to deliver the details. Heather also introduces the idea of a magnetic boutonniere, which is more expensive but foolproof at the same time. The only limitation on the magnetic boutonniere is that it cannot be used on anyone wearing a pacemaker. I must also thank Bancroft Bridals in Agawam, who graciously offering their suit jackets and store space to shoot the quick tip. This tip is short enough to upload, or download right to a mobile device, so it may be downloaded off of the vimeo.com website.