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Our wedding trailers have become more and more popular every year, as they are a great option for recently married couples to take an early glimpse into their wedding day. As Boston Wedding Videographers, we design these 90-second to 2-minute wedding films to be quick hitting features leaving couples excited for their full films. Listed below are five of our wedding trailers from this past year and we want you to vote for the one that you think is the best (Sorry, Anne + Anthony fans. As a filmmaker for JPod Productions, Anne is not eligible to win this contest). The winning couple/trailer will get a $250.00 gift certificate to the home store of the couple’s choice. Additionally, two voters will be chosen at random to win a $25 gift certificate to the store or restaurant of their choice. VOTING WILL END ON FRIDAY JANUARY 18TH at 5:00 PM. Our Winners will be announced on Monday, January 21st.

Vote up to four ways. Here’s how the voting will work:

—> On JPod Productions FACEBOOK page, ‘LIKE’ the Video you think is the best— ONE VOTE — CLICK HERE

—> Share your favorite trailer from the JPod Productions FACEBOOK page with a link to the contest — TWO VOTES — CLICK HERE

—> Pin the video on your PINTEREST Board — ONE VOTECLICK HERE

—> Comment on the video you like at the bottom of this blog post (I will approve comments shortly to avoid spam)— ONE VOTE

So, each person can vote four ways for their favorite video. Those four ways add up to a maximum of five votes. And finally, you may only vote once using each method. Therefore, commenting multiple times on a video will still only equate to one vote (but feel free to share the contest as often as you’d like 🙂 ). The more you vote, the better chance you will have to win those two additional $25.00 gift certificates! And here are the entries:

Emily + Andrew

Kevin + Kay

Annoula + Michael

Amy + Justin

Melissa + Jayson

So, what is your favorite Boston Wedding Video?







At JPod Productions, we strongly believe in investing in our industry’s educational opportunities, as our product has reaped the benefits over the past three years. Last Monday in Dedham, MA (south of Boston), we joined an elite crew of wedding filmmakers from New England to hone our skills on the glidecam. The glidecam is a device that allows us to create “floating”, or cinematic looking shots within our wedding films. The training was led by Dave Williams, (bottom picture) of Cinemacake Filmmakers in Philadelphia and we were fortunate to learn along side two other award winning studios from Boston and Newport, RI. Dave took us through a series of challenges to improve our skill set on the device. Dave Williams also spoke in the New England Professional Videographer’s Association (NPVA) meeting in the evening about running a better business. I’m excited to implement some of my new ideas into our wedding films in the coming months.